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Unique Beauty: Looking for a unique addition to your reptile collection? Meet our handsome male Western Hognose Snake, boasting mesmerizing deep coloring and captivating patterns! 


Exquisite Coloring: This little guy is a true masterpiece of nature, with rich hues of red and orange forming striking circles, bordered by a delicate lavender edging. Every inch of his scales is a work of art!


Healthy Appetite: From the moment he hatched, he's been devouring his meals like a true champion! You can rest assured that he's thriving and ready to bring joy to his new home. 


Whether you're a seasoned reptile enthusiast or just starting your journey into the world of exotic pets, this Western Hognose Snake is sure to delight with his beauty and personality.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome this stunning creature into your life! Contact us now to make him a part of your family. 


Hatch Month/Year:  Aug 25, 2023

Animal ID # WOOSPE-10



Dad - Anaconda, Albino, Extreme Red, Purple Line, Het Axanthic

Mom - Albino, Extereme Red, Purple Line, True Hypo Lines, Het Axanthic

Extreme Red Purple Line Albino 66% Het -Woospe10

  • Please Fill out our Snake Inquiry form if you would like to make her part of your home!

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