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Looking to add some extraordinary reptilian flair to your collection? Look no further!


Male Western Hognose: Our charming male Western Hognose is ready to find his forever home. He's been a hearty eater since hatching, readily enjoying frozen-thawed meals with gusto. With his gentle demeanor once picked up and consistent feeding habits, he's a perfect choice for both seasoned keepers and newcomers to the hobby.


Don't miss out on the chance to welcome these incredible creatures into your home! Contact us today to make them a part of your family.


Hatch Month/Year:  Aug 25, 2023

Animal ID # WOOSPE-04



Dad - Anaconda, Albino, Extreme Red, Purple Line, Het Axanthic

Mom - Albino, Extereme Red, Purple Line, True Hypo Lines, Het Axanthic

Extreme Red Albino Anaconda 66% Het -Woospe04

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