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Hey there, I'm the Albino Anaconda Western Hognose male you've been dreaming of! My vibrant, one-of-a-kind peachy hue sets me apart from the rest. And when it comes to meals, I'm a pro at devouring frozen/thawed goodies like a champ. Now, I'm all geared up and excited to slither into my new abode. Ready to make me a part of your family?


Hatch Month/Year:  Jan 18, 2024

Animal ID # CHELUC-07



Dad - Arctic, Albino, Anaconda 50% Het Lavendar

Mom - Albino, Extreme Red, Purple line

Albino Anaconda #CHELUC07 - Western Hognose Snake

  • Please Fill out our Snake Inquiry form if you would like to make her part of your home!

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