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Welcome to our Legless Lounge!

Updated: Sept 25, 2023

Latest News:
We plan to have Arctic Super Condas Available soon!
Prices will range from $525 -710
We will get pictures and put them up soon

About Us:
Come experience the exciting world of western hognose snake breeding with T & A Snakes!  We are a husband and wife team dedicated to breeding, caring for, and selling western hognose snakes aka Plains hognose. Our passion for these creatures is what drives us to produce the best quality snakes possible.  While we have years of experience breeding pugs, breeding reptiles is newer to us. We can't wait to share our adventure and passion with you! We actually got into them because our mentors have been in hognoses for several years, and we just had to join in! 

Please follow us on our journey on:
Facebook and Instagram @TandAsnakes
Email us at


Newpaper babies Announcement.jpg

Love Snubbed nose snakes?  Also love snubbed nose puppies? 

Check out our Champion Line Pugs @CompanionPups

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